Ali Akbar Group ISO 9001
Board of Directors

 Maj. (R) Ijaz Muhammad Khan


Agriculture is an important sector, providing food to the fast growing population of the country.

Alhamdulillah, in a short span of time, Ali Akbar Group has achieved the top position among multinational and national companies of Pakistan. Today, with the largest infrastructuring and human resource base, Ali Akbar Group is second to none in quality and quantity of products.

Ali Akbars core mission is to prosper Pakistan through better growth of agriculture sector. We provide value through the products and systems that offer convenience and affordability to farmers.

Ali Akbar Group has also an edge of planting the first Pakistani basic manufacturing plant, which is not only meeting the needs of Pakistan Agriculture but also earning valuable foreign exchange.

On the completion of 15 years of success, hope and commitment we are not proud of volume of our business but of trust farmers bestow upon us all over Pakistan. 

Ch. Shafat Ahmed Khan

(Senior Director)

Ali Akbar Group is a pioneer in the development and production of quality and cost effective products in Pakistan for enhancing sustainable productivity of agricultural, plantational, horticultural crops, and for human welfare.

Ali Akbar Group has started working in 1993 in presence of multinational giants but it has proved that with hard work and dedication, one can change entire situation. Now’ Ali Akbar Group is enjoying the status of market leader with the biggest portfolio of products and services.

The prospects and margin for development in this sector is great and there exists a huge opportunity for companies like us. The Company has its own R&D Unit with state of the art equipment and instruments, manned by professionals of highest academic and professional caliber.

We are thankful to Allah on our 15th anniversary celebration; we renew our promise of providing farmers of Pakistan with the best products and services.

Saad Akbar Khan

(Director Sales & Marketing)

Ali Akbar Group has the vision to educate our farmers for maximum quality yield with all kinds of technological solution including useful and eco-friendly effective pesticides & seeds would be made accessible on the door-step of farmers in outskirts of the country.

Our efforts are resulting in more responsible use of natural resources, better ecosystems, and health to increase seed fertility, farm income and more opportunities for the farmers, their families and Pakistan.

We are extremely thankful to the Almighty Allah that so far we have been very successful in accomplishment of our vision but a lot much to be done yet and I hope that future belongs to the farmer of Pakistan.

We are walking towards our goal with confidence, shielding it by our commitment to serve humanity. All over Pakistan, farmers select Ali Akbar Group due to our commitment to quality and convenience.

We are helping to ensure that agriculture meet our national and global needs in the future.

Ahsan Akbar Khan

(Director Seeds)

With the growth of modern agricultural practices and crops that generate ever increasing yields, we are helping farmers all over Pakistan to create a better future for the nation, the environment and economy.

Ali Akbar Group took the challenge of providing feasible agriculture solutions to Pakistani farmers in the last decade of twentieth century and started producing high quality, demand oriented and economical Agri-products. With the biggest infrastructure and human resources base, Ali Akbar Group is second to none in quality and quantity of products.

Ali Akbars core mission is to grow Pakistan through better growth of agriculture sector. From small farmers in villages of northern Pakistan to large crops growers in southern part of Pakistan, Ali Akbar is committed to strengthen farmers and striving with all strengths to make Pakistan healthier, safer and more productive.

We are the ones who are making history and future will crown us for the visionary efforts.

Ausaf Akbar Khan

(Director AAE)

Greater Ali Akbar Group Agricuture Development Corporation is governed by a dedicated group of community leaders who believe in a better future for Ali Akbar Group.

The strength of Ali Akbar Group Board of Directors are evident due to their involvement and commitment in supporting Agriculture development initiatives throughout the region. It is an active and diverse Board that has expertise in the areas of griculture Business. 


Bilal Akbar Khan

(Director DJC)

Ali Akbar Group has been on the path of continual development. It prides itself on having one of the best resources of agriculture products and services. The firm now has grown into multi-faceted business concerns. Food items hold major portion of overall exports of Pakistan. Ali Akbar group is not only striving hard to benefit Pakistan’s economy by producing agricultural products but also contributing towards economy by exporting food items such as rice, spices, pulses etc to U.A.E and then re-export them to different parts of the world and also creating demand in international market. Ali Akbar group is also involved in real estate and automobile market in U.A.E and Africa.

Our success has been the outcome of a dedicated team effort and entrepreneurial leadership guided by the right business focus and a set of sound business ethics, principles and objectives.

The future will lead us to paths untraveled, and we are ever-eager to learn new ways to bring relief and happiness to the people of Pakistan.

Mr. Bilal Akbar Khan is leading the exports, automobile and real estate business in UAE. He is dynamic entrepreneur who played important role in establishing Ali Akbar Group as a brand in true sense in U.A.E and in other parts of the world. He is graduate in Finance from USA and is currently based in Dubai.

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